“The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference”

“The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference” is a two book mini series written by co-authors and cyber security specialists Michael Bazzell and Justin Carroll. Each volume addresses one of two domains in today’s privacy and security world: Physical and Digital. Volume I of the series covers the Digital domain, and discusses a wide variety of techniques and practices the average Joe can implement in order to gain a high level of online anonymity in the age of Digital Domination. Having covered the Digital front in book one, book two discusses how you can reinforce security through the implementation of a variety of physical security practices and hardware.

In today’s world, with more companies, states, and other organization getting involved with data mining and other invasive practices, and an increased number of data breaches, this series is a must have for the privacy and security conscious. Both books are structured not as a “set in stone” path to complete privacy and security, but rather a series of small lessons which can be easily executed by people from all walks of life and with variety of privacy and security backgrounds; from elementary to novice.


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