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It is an understatement to say that we are in an exciting time for the research, development, and exploration of the Information Technology industry. Despite this, the industry is still rife with issues in reliability, pricing, and a sense of personality. It is these problems that create a sort of void within the IT industry, and it is that void that Wilderness Ridge Hosting is meant to fill.



As we said before, we believe that reliability has become an issue within the IT industry, and it is primarily an issue on two fronts. On the one hand, reliability has become a privilege that companies believe is meant to be bought, and on the other hand, many companies simply fail to provide reliable products and services.

Take Apple’s iPhone line for example; a trendy mobile platform that has taken the world by storm, and it rightly should. The iPhone is fast, light, and reliable, but also comes with a notorious price tag. An article published by ZDNet (a popular, online, IT and consumer electronics magazine) cited an IHS Markit study which compares Apple’s retail list price of the iPhone 6 to its actual cost to manufacture. The study showed that, while Apple listed the iPhone 6 at a retail value of USD 649.99, it cost Apple only $219.80 to produce. For those of us who aren’t good at math, that’s a $430.19 profit for Apple off of every iPhone 6 built. Based on these figures, nearly 66% of the price of an Apple iPhone 6 is what you pay for reliability and the very fact that it’s an Apple product. An LA Times article summed it up perfectly “they’re expensive but high quality. You’re paying a premium to be in bed with the company.”

*Wilderness Ridge Hosting does not claim ownership of the articles, sources or products mentioned on this page.

*Wilderness Ridge Hosting is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

We believe strongly that reliability should not be a luxury. That is why we are committed to including quality parts, from quality manufacturers, in our products. Furthermore, that is why our services are provided by caring, knowledgeable, professionals equipped with the latest tools and best practices. After all, reliability should be a given, not a luxury.


Pricing and reliability share a unique relationship, in many cases directly dictating each other. For example, in the IT industry, reliability is often a luxury or accessory which cost the consumer an extra amount. You should not have to pay extra to have a reliable product that lasts long and holds up to your performance standards. Many big-name IT manufacturers have proven that they are capable of producing quality products at low prices, and still chose to list them at high market prices.

We disagree with this notion. We believe by matching our client specifications with the right performance parts, from the right manufacturers, we can create high quality, low price, products that fit our customers needs perfectly. You should never have to compromise between price and reliability.


Lastly, one of the most significant problems with the IT industry is personality. It lacks a sense of human connection, and the more we push forward with our advancements, the more we replace people with computers. One of the many areas of information systems and technologies that have made leaps and bounds over the years has been Artificial Intelligence (AI). While AI has made significant progress with the other areas of IT, AI developers have been struggling to emulate one crucial aspect of the human experience, emotion. So simple, and yet critically complex, emotion and behavioral psychology are so powerful that they allow us to transcend such barriers as language and culture, socioeconomic status. We have created this bureaucratic, robotic like, “IT industry,” built upon the incorrect notion that no emotion or personality is best. We at Wilderness Ridge Hosting wish to change that by revolutionizing the old IT industry into a new IT community and culture.

We plan to do this by pioneering new employer practices, revitalizing company culture, and implementing cutting-edge customer service techniques. When people think about Wilderness Ridge Hosting, whether as a current or prospective member of the WRH community, we want them to think that they are home, and to feel welcomed.

WRH Team Members can expect to thrive in open and exciting work environments that cultivate forward movement in the IT community as a whole. We plan to create this environment by allowing for frequent work breaks, offering a multitude of amenities and activities, hosting fun events, and providing staggering benefits for WRH teammates.

A study conducted by the University of Illinois in 2008 found “brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve one’s ability to focus on that task for prolonged periods.” [1]. The study proved that, by taking small 15 minute breaks after working 50-60 minutes, productivity increased 10% overall and the volunteer’s quality of work and focus also improved.